4 Nigerian delicacies that are more than just Nigerian

It's rather common to hear people lay claims to certain meals been their native rights. While that may be true for certain delicacies, there are a quite a few which you will find in other parts of the world albeit under completely different tags. We are all aware of the infamous Jollof rice, no thanks to the superiority battle between Nigerians and Ghanaians. But that one's stale news.
This time, i am talking about delicacies you probably didn't know of. They go beyond the shores of Nigeria, and maybe even Africa as a whole and while slight modifications may or may not have been made to each of these dishes, it is pretty much the same concept.

Here are some you might find rather interesting;

  • Mpotompoto (Ghana): 
What better way to begin this post than with our Jollof rival.😂
While Ghanaians would smack their lips in delight at the mention of this delicacy, i'm not so sure many Nigerians can relate. Unless of course you've paid a visit to our neighbours and have found out that Mpoto Mpoto is basically yam pottage or asaro as Yorubas call it. If you don't believe me, do a Youtube search, you'll discover both meals use similar ingredients as well as techniques. Cool, isn't it?
Credit: ndudu-by-fafa.blogspot.com
Nigerian yam pottage.....
Credit: nigerianfoodies.com
  • Biryani (India): 
Many Nigerians believe our legendary rice concoction is a meal meant for students and people on a restricted budget, i'm pretty certain Indians would disagree. Chances are if you hosted your Indian friend and plated steaming hot rice concoction, he would be more than excited as this quick meal bears a striking resemblance with the much relished Indian Biryani. There is definitely a bit of modification here and there regarding spices but for the most part, it's very similar.
P.S: Throw in some boiled eggs and you could pass for an Indian chef. No jokes!!
Photo of How to Cook Palm Oil Jollof Rice (Native/Concoction/ Mtn Rice) Recipe
Nigerian concoction
Egg Biryani (3pcs)
Egg Biryani
  • Nyembwe/Moambé Sauce (Gabon):
The Gabonese make this traditional delicacy by boiling fresh palm fruits, extracting the oil and transferring it back to the heat until starts to thicken. It is at this point they season the sauce and add their protein. The sauce is usually eaten with rice or some form of swallow.
Does this procedure ring a bell? I guess it does sound similar to how Banga soup is prepared.
What do you think?
banga soup
Banga soup (Ofe Akwu)
Nyembwe sauce
  • Molokhia/Mulukhiyah (Egypt, Middle East, East & North Africa):
It may interest you to know that the green mucilaginous soup popular among the Yorubas of Nigeria is NOT exclusive to them alone. The soup made from jute leaves is a delicacy enjoyed by millions of non-Nigerians from different parts of the world. The method of preparation is also the same. So if you find yourself in Egypt one day, you can still enjoy this local soup. Just don't go around asking for ewedu, they know it by the name Molokhia.
Finally, i cannot guarantee that they would have amala as I've only seen people have it with rice.

Ewedu Soup
Egyptian Molokhia
Credit: saveur.com

Which ones did i miss? Tell me below...