TV Throwback: Where are the child stars of yesteryears?

If you were one of those kids who stayed glued to their tv screens to watch new episodes of the old Nigerian TV series, then you might sometimes wonder why those young talents suddenly disappeared from the industry.
If you've been wondering, this should answer your questions.

1. Tobi MAKINDE:

If you are a 90s kid then you definitely watched Kamsons and Neighbours every Saturday. And if you did, you sure remember Nathaniel Ibekwe, Lorietta Kamson's neighbour cum friend who also happened to be in a bromance with her older brother, Ladi.
Now, Tobi not only boasts of a Bachelors degree, but also a Masters degree in Theatre Arts, both acquired from the University of Lagos.
Tobi is still very much in the spotlight and if you are a dedicated follower of Scene One, you must have seen him on Jenifa's Diary as Tinini as well as in the Industreet series.

2. Opemipo BAMGBOPA:

She is better known by the alias "Maradona" which stemmed from the role she played in a movie many years ago. As a kid, she was a part of several productions including Bororo, Maradona, and popular TV drama, One Love. Opemipo is a proud graduate of the Yaba College of Technology.
Now, If you've been wondering why she has been off your screens, it's probably because you've been searching for the wrong face. Here's what she looks like now.

3. Thelma EZEAMAKA

If you think her last name rings a bell, you are so right. Thelma is younger sister to former child star, Sharon Ezeamaka. She kicked off her career on Bovi's TV series, Extended family and unknown to many, Thelma was also the star kid in the Indomie noodles television ad about a decade ago.
Thelma is still very much in the media, though it appears she's more focused on modelling at the moment. Pretty sure you've seen pictures of Thelma on the internet but you probably did not recognize her.
Lest I forget, she made a comeback in Bovi's 2015 movie, It's her day.

4. Olanrewaju AROGUNDADE:
 I already mentioned Kamsons and Neighbours, but this list would be incomplete without our darling Lorietta, the youngest child of the Kamsons who entertained us with her "sassiness" years back.
I'm not sure if she's still in the media but going by my findings, the University of Lagos graduate is now a professional makeup artist so if you have an Owambe coming up, you know where to get that face beat.*wink*
Oh and if you think that's a wedding band, you deserve some accolades. She's married!


If you loved Edge of Paradise, then the name Adaora should ring a bell.
Also a University of Lagos graduate, Kora, who played that character is now an advertising and marketing expert, and has worked with some very well recognized firms over the years.

P.S: I couldn't find any recent pictures of Kora so we'll have to make do with just this.

What was your favorite TV series as a youngster? Comment below.