Now that Big Brother Nigeria 3 is over

Hey there!! Hope you are good. Sorry I've been away, I've been so busy with other aspects of life that I actually forgot I own a blog. But stories aside, let's talk about you know what.
So the fact that this show is over is such a breathe of fresh air, trust me. You know that satisfying feeling you get while using a cotton bud to clean your ears? That's the kind of relief i feel right now.
No, I didn't watch the show.
Yes, I know so much about the show because it's everywhere on the internet.
Not bragging but I know all the housemates and what their behaviours are like. How much do I get for knowing this again?
I've made it known couple of times that I respect how smart and business-minded the organizers of this show are, but after "seeing" how this year's finale went down, my respect for the handlers has skyrocketed. Seriously!
I'm not here to rant about how their business acumen is a hundred maybe more because we all noticed it in how they "favoured" CeeC despite her questionable manners.
I was particularly angry that she didn't face disqualification when she had the guts to denigrate an ethnic group's traditional attire on TV, and belittle the hard work of the designer in the process.
Look, you have the liberty to not like certain things, but being ugly to an entire race, rude to your sponsors and not adhering to instructions for a themed event, is distasteful.
So apparently, Big Brother left CeeC despite these to amass the cash votes because technically, she misbehaves and everyone believes she's losing fans, so the diehard ones are forced to vote three, four or even five times more to keep her in the house. Makes sense.
The highlight of this year's show however, the reason why my respect for the organizers tripled, was the FINALE.
Since y'all watched it, I'll skip the theatricals.
I'm glad Miracle won for two reasons.
Firstly, he was, to me, one of the most reserved housemates. He wasn't in the news for silly reasons. He was in fact, hardly ever in the news.
Secondly, he was good mannered, which would teach people that being a CeeC may keep you long in a game but it doesn't guarantee you championship.
That been said, I respect CeeC a lot. I respect her for refusing to engage in fornication in a house where condoms were said to be disappearing into thin air, literally.
I'm not sure if she was awarded a prize but i believe some firms are itching to work with her. Juliet Ibrahim already endorsed her for her eyelash brand so that's a good start for her.
Congratulations to the final Five, and massive congratulations to the man of the moment, Miracle.

Now that BBN is over, have you gotten your PVC??🤔

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