Decoding 08060652712: Before we crucify CeeC.


Before we begin, let me say for the umpteenth time that i have never watched Big Brother Nigeria and to be honest, i probably never will.
P.S: If you belong in this category, signify by raising your hand so the ushers can serve you popcorn and chilled Limca.
Anyway i was just surveying Instagram this afternoon when i came across a certain screenshot "revealing" a chat between an unknown person and a supposed ex-lover of BBNaija housemate, CeeC.

Here's the screenshot.

To make this clear, i'm not trying to support CeeC 'cause i don't know this lady from anywhere. I'm not a fan, nor do i care whether or not she had intimacy with whoever. My issue is with Mr. 08060652712 who strikes me as an attention seeker.

So Who is 08060652712?

Short answer: I don't know!
But one thing is sure, whoever 08060652712 is, there must be at least one person who knows him (or her) *just kidding* It seems to be a him.

But i did a little probing and.......

Tried Truecaller;
Nothing valuable! So i had to try something else, and i found these; 

In the last screenshot above, someone mentioned a certain Kelechi xxxxxxxxx (scratch to reveal last name). So i did further findings and here's what happened;

Might not be the same person but it's worthy of mention.


  • Whether or not CeeC is a virgin is no one's business. Not mine, not yours, and surely not big brother's.
  • The infamous ex-lover is either stupid, for forgetting to hide his contact, or trying to gain more victims to scam. How? Here's a lady calling for people to "disturb that number with calls". Intelligent way to hand a "stranger" your phone number freely.

  • I am not buying this cock and bull story. Cooking up such bullshit is surely easy to do and for someone with such online reputation as this, it is surely questionable. Not forgetting this dude left his phone number for all to see. Who does that?
My own is that to all ye "disturb that number with calls" brethren, i don't want to read stories of how you were scammed by a certain CeeC's ex-lover on Nairaland or SDK.
And if you have called to "confirm", raise your hand for recognition. Good!!
Now as you bring your hand(s) down, give yourself a hard knock on your head.