4 Nigerians Nigerians love to hate.

Hey people! It's been almost a while. Hope everyone's doing fine.
So I was sitting doing nothing, then this guy flashed across my mind. I'm not saying who but let's just say he inspired this post. Lol.
P.S: He's on the list. If you figure him out, good for you. If you don't, it's fine.
Before we begin, let me quickly say that I haven't seen a more hypocritical bunch than Nigerians. More on this later.
Moving on! These four men are people Nigerians love to hate for reasons best known to y'all.

1. Daddy Freeze:

Freeze is definitely not in the good books of religious leaders which is very VERY understandable. He is unarguably the most vocal Nigerian about "tithe" opposition and not even the rants, insults or cyber bullying have an effect on him. On the contrary, Freeze, CEO #FreeTheSheepleMovement, always seems to have just the right comeback for his haters which most times, leaves them scampering for cover. His comebacks are often just as dangerous as the words he uses in passing them across so if you must come for Freeze, please get your GST lecturer by your side because Freeze doesn't let blunders slide. He will point them out and make a mockery of your existence.

2. Bobrisky:

I feel this guy would make a fortune as a publicist. He is ALWAYS in the news.
If he isn't rocking stilletos, best believe he is wearing a Saree and let's not forget his makeup that is always on "fleek". As with every human, filter sure helps his ministry too but lets just go with whatever he says.
That aside, dude is totally "chopping the life of his head", if social media is to be trusted.
Last year, Bobrisky apparently, had a show in London where it was alleged people were required to pay £20 to take pictures with him.
Bobrisky is very opinionated, he always has something to say and he doesn't care if you understand his type of English or not. He just says his own and leaves you with your confusion.
The self-acclaimed "Queen of Snap" is another person you don't want to come for because he will make your social media life a nightmare. Oshe baddest.

3. Uche Maduagwu:

This one prides himself as the biggest actor out of Nigeria and you can argue with your door knob for all he cares. This man likes talking.
He makes me feel bad about my blog name because no matter how hard I try, I can't talk nearly as much as this dude.
Had Instagram allowed, Uche would take the character count of all my blog posts combined and make them into one endless post. I say endless because he will continue in the comments section. This is not joke.
If you weren't aware, Uche is friends with Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Jay Z, and pretty much every A-list Hollywood star you can think of and trust me, those are serious bragging points.
He is also very opinionated which i admit could be sometimes annoying but to be honest, he is such a comic relief.
However, his use of English and content of some of his posts make me think he is smart but wants people to think he is a total idiot.
What he intends to achieve by this is what we'll probably never understand.
P.S: Uche if you ever read this, tell Beyonce I said "Hi".

4. Vic O:

I don't understand how or why people hate on this guy. He does his thing and he doesn't even notice all the hatred and/or side talk so why do people even bother?
Remember the Drake-Meek Mill rap beef? Well, turns out we all owe Vic O a "Thank you" and here is why.
Contrary to the rumors that circulated the media about why Drake and Meek Mill finally settled their differences, the real truth is that both parties decided to bury the hatchet after Vic O dropped his "Drake And Meek Mill" diss track. Who would have known?

Talking of Nigerians' hypocrisy, this one is a no brainer but i'll say it anyway.
The people who faux-idolize these people on their social media pages are the same people who go on IB9ja and co spewing hate about them. It's confusing. Why do you people do this? Make me understand biko.