Big Brother; The sham, the glorification of immorality, and why no one should care.

Forgive the title which is probably longer than this entire post but I just couldn't help it.  I actually tried to use something shorter but it wouldn't lay enough emphasis on what I'm about to say so we'd have to make do with this one.
Let's talk #BBNaija since that's what matters most to us all at the moment.
I'm honestly not trying to offend anyone so to all Big Brother fans who would likely catch feelings from this post, I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, "I really do not care".
I don't care about your feelings or how offended you WILL might get. We're good? Okay!

Let me start by saying I'm not a fan of "Big Brother" *dodges darts*. Yes I said it! I hate it! *dodges bullet* I know many people will disagree with me here but  truth is, i have always written it off as a plot without a theme.
I'm not  about to change my mind but permit me to say quite frankly, that the entire Big Brother franchise has raised the bar as regards "theme-less" TV shows. It's so bad that if I had to choose between watching  Big Brother and eating a ton of apples, i'd choose the later, which doesn't make sense on the surface but when you consider my hatred for apples, you'd totally understand this part.
There's nothing I find interesting about this show but I do have a ton of respect for the people behind the scenes. It is not easy to come up with a show that would appeal to people. It is even harder to come up with one that has no theme and continuously rip people off through it for over a decade. Even the best witch doctor in the world cannot achieve this feat, no joke.
Now contrary to what the organizers would have you believe about the housemates not seeing eye to eye, it might interest you to know these people are just "playing the part". TV shows thrive on attention and, forget the inclusion of the word "reality". Chances are your "reality" show is no more realistic than Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

In entertainment, there's no such thing as "bad" publicity so you either "go hard or go home". This explains why each housemate tries to be more controversial to outshine the rest. It's all about which housemate attracts the most viewership for the show, because subconsciously, that's the housemate y'all will vote to keep in the house. Why? Because s/he brings drama and y'all like drama. Some people will even vote multiple times which of course equals more money for the show.
Lest i forget, if you were thinking they are making you feel part of the selection process by allowing you vote, think again. They are simply allowing you vote because they need your money so you're the one doing them a favour, not the other way.
It is bothersome enough that in this age our kids are exposed to the use of technological gadgets at an early stage, and while this isn't necessarily a bad thing, we must put into consideration how polluted the web space is. No thanks to Big Brother and the likes.
In a nation where the government as well as well-meaning individuals and bodies are trying to clamp down on the ugly venom of pedophilia and sexual abuse, I think it is counterproductive to push these things into our faces especially when one considers the younger generation with access to the internet.
In all honesty, 98 out of 100 times I've seen news of BBN, it is always sexually related. If it isn't about two people who claim to be in relationships in real life, making out, it would be someone masturbating or someone else trying to induce intimacy with someone supposedly asleep. I really don't understand what  message this show is trying to pass but whatever it is, it is definitely not in the best interest of kids, the average Nigerian or even Nigeria itself.
Talking about kids, I know a couple of kids who know so much about BBN. Don't be so quick to write them off as badly brought up, because that isn't the case. These kids got to know about the show from their classmate(s) who may or may not have seen the show themselves but again, "thank you internet for always coming through".
That been said, the show surely does have an impact on the average Nigerian or how else do we explain the obsession of over 85% of our population with this show?
Lest I forget, a couple days back, there was a sort of twitter quarrel between Nigerians and other Africans about why the original Big Brother Africa was discontinued only to be replaced by the Nigerian-only version, denying other Africans the opportunity to participate. While the savagery in the Nigerians' responses made me giggle, I don't think this subject is something to develop bragging rights over. If anything, it goes to show what the organizers think of Nigerians.
There is something people in business refer to as "Market Research" and before you remind me of how this one's a TV show and not a "business", let me first tell you that this is in fact, someone's business and money spinner.
Talking of market research, any prospective businessman or woman with the aim of making profit has to invest (not just financially) in this aspect. It's the same way you wouldn't choose to site a company that sells bibles in an Islamic country. While we can't rule out the possibility of Christians living in such country for one reason or the other, logic would tell anyone that breaking even talk less of making profit would be an absolute miracle in such case.
So while you might think you're shading other Africans and being the big brother (pun intended), it just goes to show how morally decadent we are perceived as.
With such alien promotion of intimacy, I wonder if their auditions are characterised by men on briefs and pole dancers.

But on second thought, this is none of my business.

You know what? Let's all forget about the crap I wrote up there. Let's forget that innocent people get killed daily, let's also forget that next year is 2019 and as such, fail to get our PVCs.
Let's just keep calm and watch Big Brother Naija because we love drama and because when the show ends, all our problems would finally be over and then we'd live happily ever after.

Alleluia somebody!!