#ThoughfulTuesday: What Are You Thinking?

Aye............Feels like a good day to wake up and be extraordinary.

So a little birdie told me you plan on giving up because things just don't seem to be working out in your favor and that is perfectly understandable. I am not going to tell you not to give up, i am not going to say "good things take time" and i am also not going to tell you "everything will be okay".

Winston Churchill once said; "Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm" and he was right. If a little slip can make you think of giving up, then maybe you aren't mentally ready for the success.
Don't get me wrong, it is normal to freak out, feel sad, cry, and generally express our dissatisfaction in whatever way we are comfortable but it is only proper to keep hope alive as that is the key to the "big reveal".

Ever since mama Sekinat's party last month, Aminat's craving for ofada rice has heightened. "Today na today" she told herself and proceeded to start the preparation of her new favorite meal. She had looked up the recipe at work and watched countless number of youtube videos (all thanks to her workplace's WIFI). She had also stopped by at the market yesterday to get all the ingredients and "nothing could stop her now".
  • Ofada rice *check*
  • Pepper *check*
  • Assorted meat *check*
  • Oil *check*
She set to work immediately using both sides of her electric stove. But just when the ofada rice is beginning to soften, NEPA does the usual. Aminat decides to switch to her kerosene-powered stove but unfortunately, there is barely enough kerosene to even boil water for ordinary eba.
Aminat is frustrated, her customer who sells kerosene few streets away had travelled to Owerri to see her daughter for Omugwo purpose and the only nearby alternative was Beatrice, a woman with an unpleasant attitude who she had resolved to avoid at all cost.
If she leaves the rice in the already cooling water any longer, it would be soggy and all her dreams of enjoying sweet ofada rice this weekend, would be shattered.

Assuming you were Aminat, would you ignore Beatrice's attitude and patronize her or would you watch your money, time and effort go down the drain?

Here's another one;

Gboyega had an extra year sequel to a poorly attempted examination. It wasn't completely his fault, he was never a dull student but his mother's illness had cost him so much as the first son of the family. His father died years ago leaving him to play his role in the lives of his two younger sisters. He had an elder sister who worked in a manufacturing firm in Abuja and her busy schedule as well as distance were not helping matters. He would spend the night with his mother in the clinic, rush home to cater for his siblings and freshen up before hurrying to school. This awarded him hardly any opportunity to prepare properly for his exams. The day he saw the result, he was downcast, he felt like a failure and even contemplated suicide. That night he walked to the large river close to his neighborhood, where he had planned to drown himself. He thought about how his dreams of graduating and getting a job to fend for his family, had suddenly been "cut short" by today's discovery. He was about to take his leap when he he remembered his father's sullen face on his death bed and how he had specifically told him to "take care of his mother and siblings when he's gone".
He cried even harder and thought of what would become of his poor mother if he succeeded in committing suicide. He remembered how his father's favorite saying; "Failure is not the end of the road, it is only a bump". He turned and walked back home.

Things to be learnt from both stories above are:

  • Get help

No matter how rude, obnoxious or unpleasant someone might be, that is not reason enough to not ask for their help if  it will be beneficial to you. Worst case scenario, they'd refuse but at least you'll know you tried. Things like this will make your story more interesting.
One helpful tip might be to see the whole thing as a tree. Some leaves stay fresh while some wither but we can't deny the presence of both on the tree.

  • It's okay to fail:

There's a chinese proverb that says; "failure is not falling down but refusing to get up". It doesn't matter if you fail now, what matters is picking yourself up, dusting the dirt off, and re-strategising 
to achieve your goals. It is never easy but it will always be worth it.
In the end, success is like a ladder. It is easy to descend but hard to climb. It is even harder to stay at the top when the ladder gets shaky (which will happen every once in a while because challenges are no respecter of position). So go out there and be amazing.💜💜

Thanks for reading, hope you have a great Tuesday.