Saving Whatsapp Status to your Phone Gallery (The Easy Way)

ARIKE: Hello Ayo!
AYO: Hi!
ARIKE: I like this picture, can you please send it?
AYO: Okay, sure.

2 hours later

ARIKE: Hahaha, funny video. Please send.
AYO: Okay.

1 hour later

ARIKE: Wow! Please send this picture.
AYO: ???
ARIKE: Hello! Are you there?

How many of us have found ourselves in such embarassing situations? With the "status" feature WhatsApp doled out, people constantly push all sort of pictures and videos down our throats.
Admittedly, we all get tempted to request that the uploaders send them directly to us via PMs but what if i told you you could actually save these pictures and videos to your phone without the uploader's knowledge. Cool, right?
With this simple trick i will show you, you save yourself the embarrasment and the use of extra data in receiving files that are already within your reach.
This trick is super simple, very effective and completely free. So here goes:

  • Open file manager
  • Locate "WhatsApp" folder.
  • Click "Media".
  • Click "Option" or "Menu" (whichever one your phone displays).
  • Click "Show hidden Files".
  • A transparent folder named "Statuses" will appear.
  • Open the "Statuses" folder and alas every status update on your WhatApp will appear.
  • Copy the wanted file and post in a new location of your choice as it is impossible to view files from the "statuses" folder.
  • You may follow steps 2-4 above to "hide hidden files" thereafter as they could be a pain in the neck.

 Thanks for reading and i hope you found this post helpful. Let me know what you think.