Run Dual WhatsApp Accounts on the same phone. Free, Easy and Simple!!

Hey my lovelies, today I'm going to be showing you how to run dual applications on a single phone, using WhatsApp as a case study.
Many of us have multiple SIM cards no thanks to android dual-sim mobile devices. But of what use are so many SIM cards when you're stuck with just one chat application simply because you can't install the same application more than once on the same device?
This technique I'm going to show you will allow you clone ANY application. WhatsApp and games inclusive!
Without further ado, lets get into it.

So firstly, you have to install an application named "Parallel Space" from Google Play Store or any other trusted mobile market.

This is the one from Google Play Store. (Notice i already have it installed).

This application is your key to running multi applications all at once and here is how..........................................................................................................

After installation, open Parallel Space. It should look like this when starting up:

Next, a screen similar to the one below will come up

If it's your first time using the application then yours will come without WhatsApp added.

Click the "+" sign and proceed to add as many applications as you would like to clone. When you're done adding, click "Add to Parallel Space" just at the bottom of your screen.
Voila!!!! Cloning complete. It's that simple.

Below is a short video tutorial on using Parallel Space.


  • Allows you to run multiple chat accounts on same phone.
  • Cloning games and even system applications is made possible. 


  • Ads! Literally every time you start up this application, an ad pops up. You can bypass this by purchasing the ad-free version of the application. As of the time of writing this post, below are the costs of purchasing varying plans.

  • Delay in delivery: This one is often dependent on strong internet connection. In cases of unfavorable network, the application could notoriously bring you notifications of received  messages decades after they've been in your inbox. However this can be avoided by periodically checking your inbox regardless of if you get a notification or not.
  • Takes up a ridiculous amount of space on your phone.

P.S: I know there are a million and one applications out there that claim to clone WhatsApp  but this one is like a Jack of all trades that lets you clone everything from games to system applications very easily. 

That's it friends. Hope you found this post helpful. Thanks for reading and do leave a comment.