Don't Buy A Pepper Spray!!! Make Yours!


This post is intended as a self-defense tutorial. Do not at any time use this information to deliberately cause harm to innocent persons.

Since news of MTV Shuga actress, Dorcas Shola Fapson's near escape from an alleged kidnapper broke out, I have followed pretty much all the reactions of Nigerians on some of the country's most popular blogs and forums. One thing I found (and still find) fascinating is the ignorance of many Nigerians regarding why a young lady should have a pepper spray in her hand bag.😏
This is seriously unbelievable. The way some people even claim to be unravelling the mystery of the alleged assault makes no sense. If your magic trick to uncovering the guilty party in the alleged assault is tied to your irrational belief that a young lady shouldn't have a pepper spray on hand, then you my dear, are the problem with the Nigerian educational system.
I have carried a pepper spray in my bag for years not because I have "a motive" but for self-defense sake. You wouldn't know how important a self-defense tool is until you desperately need one at a time when it is probably too late.
I am not here to take sides with either party but rather to teach you how to make a beyond basic self-defense pepper spray since those I have seen trying to make homemade pepper sprays don't seem to be doing it particularly right.
Apparently, pepper sprays are sold in select shops and stores in Nigeria but many people either do not have access to, or simply can't locate these stores. Besides, they are extra expensive for such a tiny bottle. Hopefully when you finish reading this post, you would be able to make your own pepper spray from scratch for only a fraction of the cost these fancy stores sell them.


•Pepper sprays are non-toxic and lack the capacity to cause any permanent damage when administered.
•They are a cheap, durable non-lethal self-defense tool.
•Not forgetting, having a pepper spray can buy you as much as 30 minutes of time to escape from your attacker(s).

There are a thousand and one ways to make a pepper spray but for the sake of this post, I will be sharing my most basic recipe.

Supplies you would need are:

•Fresh pepper (the hotter, the better)
•Vinegar or Alcohol (either of Vodka, Rubbing alcohol, Brandy)
•Fresh Ginger or Garlic OR Both. (Optional)
•A jar to mix.


Fresh pepper:
For obvious reasons. Hello....It's called a "pepper spray".

This helps the heat of all the ingredients infuse properly and very fast too. NEVER EVER use water as a substitute. The mixture would always be hotter when infused in alcohol and did I mention the alcohol serves as a preservative also?

When attacked, your aim is to cause your attacker as much non-lethal discomfort as possible to buy you as much time to relocate to a safe environment. Ginger and garlic irritate the nostrils thereby causing sneezing.

Oil: Do NOT under any circumstance leave this out. This helps the pepper spray to stick on the skin longer by making it hard to wash off instantly.
Have you ever tried to wash oily skin without soap? Yeah that's exactly the aim of this.


•Grate all fresh ingredients.
•Add grated ingredients into the jar and pour alcohol or vinegar over them.
•Add about 1/2 a tsp of oil.
•Let all ingredients infuse into the alcohol for at least 1 week. (The longer, the better)
•After waiting time is up, strain the infused alcohol into a spray bottle.
*Voila.....Your very own pepper spray.

Now getting the mixture right is only one part of the task, getting the right spray bottle is just as important.

Stay away from this kind of spray bottle:

 This spray bottle lacks direction and distance advantage. This simply means your pepper spray would be of importance only when you are in close proximity with your attacker.
Talking of direction, when you spray, the liquid just goes all over the place which puts you at just as much risk as your attacker, if not more.

These bottles pictured below are preferable. Not only do possess much more direction advantage, they also cover a larger distance than the previous spray bottle. So you don't have to come in direct contact with your attacker before "unleashing". Lol!

So that's it people. I hope you found this post helpful. Share with your friends and don't forget to check out my previous posts.

Again, this post is intended as a self-defense tutorial. Do not at any time use this to deliberately cause harm to innocent persons.